Marissa W

Daycare Attendant
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Marissa is the newest addition to our Daycare Family.  She loves being able to play with and care for our daycare dogs each day.  She also likes making our boarding pets feel as if they are at second home.  Her favorite part of daycare is meeting lots of dogs and watching them make new friends.  She also enjoys helping younger dogs learn how to properly socialize, setting them up for a happy and more fulfilling life.

Marissa grew up on a farm with sheep, chickens, cattle, pigs, horses, lots of sheepdogs and works with the Border Collies to move the livestock.  She has had a huge assortment of pets, including a hedgehog, parakeets, chinchilla, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, a corn snake and of course dogs.

She is currently the proud owner of two Boston Terriers, “The Littles”, Katie and Isabel; and a 1 1/2 year old black lab, Milo.

Her favorite animal is a platypus.  In her free time she enjoys rock climbing and hiking.

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