Smooching your pet this Valentine’s Day?

Tooth brushing can be the best investment you make in your pet’s overall health!   The decision to save or extract a tooth starts with you.  Did you know it can also add years to your pet’s life?

Don’t forget, February is National Dental Health Awareness Month!  We’re offering FREE dental exams, 10% off all Cleanings and Products and 30% off Full-Mouth Digital X-rays!

Just like us, pets should have their teeth brushed daily.  You may be thinking, “I can’t brush my dog or cat’s teeth!” 
We recommend starting right away, using an approved toothpaste or simply starting with something they love, like peanut butter or canned cheese, to get your puppy or kitten used to the feel of the toothbrush, then transition to toothpaste. Yes, we know it seems silly to brush baby teeth with something like this, but it’s only for a few days! 


Click this link to see how easy it is to brush your DOG’S TEETH:

Brushing your dog’s teeth

Click here to learn how to brush your CAT’S TEETH:

Brushing your cat’s teeth

Beginning an adult dog is similar, just treat the toothpaste like a treat, take it slowly.  The key is to make it fun, not work!  When your pet is comfortable brushing, spend the most time on the rear teeth, don’t worry so much about hard to reach inside, just the outside rear teeth.

Remember, human toothpaste is NOT safe for pets!

Unfortunately, some of you may already have or use items purchased from a pet store, and unknowingly chose something that is not recommended.  Reading labels on products can be confusing and misleading!  Labels that say “whitening! fresh! works great!” are a few of the misleading phrases used in place of “scientifically proven” or the “VOHC seal of approval”. The Veterinary Oral Health Council, developed in 1997, was established to set
testing protocols for different veterinary dental products.  Only products tested and approved receive the VOHC seal of approval.  We carry all VOHC recommended toothpastes and dental products.

Pet Toothpaste

Flavors include, Beef, Chicken, Seafood, Malt and our favorite, Vanilla Mint

Our most popular and fresh smelling is the Vanilla Mint, choosy pets love the beef, chicken or seafood flavors.  Stay tuned for the other options for at-home dental health care, including food, treats, and rinses.

For more information on their recommended products please check out their website at or ask a Doctor or Technician today!

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