5 Tips to Groom Your Pet During COVID

Christine & Rusty

Now that spring is here, many of your “Fur Babies” are due for their spring grooming.  With the risk of COVID-19 keeping everyone Safer at Home, it will be a small wait to get them in to see me.  I’ve prepared these tips that may help.

Recommended grooming tools

Use our curbside assistance to pick up some of these recommended grooming tools!

To help keep your pet looking nice and to avoid mats, brushing their coat out and finishing up with a metal comb works well.  You can then bathe your pet and follow up with a brush and comb out after drying.  (Don’t forget our curbside assistance for all your shampoo, conditioner and brush needs!)

However, if your pet already has mats, this may not be possible as excessive brushing can create brush burn.  In these situations, it’s best not to bathe your pet as the mats will tighten as they dry and can actually start pulling at your pet’s skin.

Please DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CUT MATS OUT!  You could accidentally lacerate your pet, which would require an emergency visit to the vet.  (We have seen several such cases already since the stay at home order, and it’s painful.)

Once your pet is brushed out and mat-free, Christine recommends one of these to bathe your pet. The Blueberry Bliss is her favorite, but all they smell FANTASTIC!

Burrs are everywhere in the spring, and they can easily tangle up in your pet’s coat.  One easy way to get cockleburrs out is to crush the main structure of the burr with a household pliers.  Once the main structure is broken, you can easily brush them out with a slicker brush. 

Tiny seed burrs can be removed with a fine-tooth or flea comb, it’s time-consuming, but works!

Don’t forget that fleas, ticks, and mosquitos are out in full force!  Monthly preventives are available here during regular business hours. 

Or visit our online pharmacy – https://spsmallanimalhospital.vetsfirstchoice.com/

Unless something changes, the grooming department will reopen on Monday, April 27th.  Call us at 643-2451, to reserve your spot, we’re filling up quickly!

I look forward to seeing you and your furry loved ones once this health crisis is over and life gets back to normal! 

Your Groomer,

Christine (Cat)

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