• Apr 09 2020

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    Can My Cat Get COVID-19?

    In response to some recent news reports that cats (and tigers and ferrets) have been shown to be positive for COVID, and there are some very early, small experimental studies…

  • Apr 08 2020

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    5 Tips to Groom Your Pet During COVID

    Now that spring is here, many of your “Fur Babies” are due for their spring grooming.  With the risk of COVID-19 keeping everyone Safer at Home, it will be a…

  • Feb 11 2020

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    Let’s Have a Potty Party!

      When first looking for a puppy you probably heard people say that having a puppy is a lot of work! My husband and I were looking for a puppy…

  • Feb 06 2020

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    Pet Tooth Brushing For Dummies

    Tooth brushing can be the best investment you make in your pet’s overall health!   The decision to save or extract a tooth starts with you.  Did you know it…

  • Jan 08 2020

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    Does your pet’s smile hurt?

    Hi Everyone!  I’m Jessica Halbrucker, CVT and lover of pet dentistry! Does your pet’s smile hurt?  Does their breath stink? If so, chances are your pet has some form of…

  • Jan 07 2020

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    You’re Invited to our DENTAL OPEN HOUSE! Jan 18th, 1-3pm

    You’re invited to our Annual Dental Day!  Saturday, January 18th, 2020  1-3pm.  Bring your pet for a FREE dental exam, tour our Animal Hospital, speak with our Dental Surgery Team,…

  • Nov 26 2019

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    Tuesday’s With Tucker – Shamrock Pet Resort Dog Daycare

    Puppies have a lot of energy, don’t they? Typically this blog will be focused on puppy topics, but this week’s post is relevant to all ages! We are talking about…

  • Nov 19 2019

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    Tuesday’s With Tucker – Chew on this!

    November, 2019 “CHEW ON THIS!” Hello everyone, Dr. Megan here! For today’s “Tuesday’s with Tucker” we will be talking a little bit about teething and appropriate toys.  Puppies begin teething…