Pet Resort Staff

We have the greatest job in the world, playing with and caring for your four-legged loved ones!

Shamrock Daycare and Boarding Team


Resort Manager

Chelsey is our dynamic Shamrock Pet Resort Manager.  She soaks up learning opportunities like a sponge and tries to make every day and experience better than the last.  She enjoys working with staff, our pets, and clients equally, in fact, she is often found in boarding, daycare, or at the desk all in the same day.
Her hobbies include fishing, dancing, sewing, nature, and listening to music. She also loves and recommends the Harry Potter movies.
Chelsey’s furry family consists of Tucker, a red lab, who loves bird hunting.  Her cat, Willow is a “moo-moo cat, who loves nothing!”.
She’s also the proud mom to the “coolest 8-year-old human around”.
We are very lucky to have her enthusiasm and energy leading our resort!


Daycare Pack Leader

Bridget is very excited to be part of the Shamrock Team! She studied Environmental Conservation and has experience as a dog groomer, veterinary assistant, wildlife rehabilitation, and pre-school teacher, making her vast experience valuable and unique! She loves being able to spend time with all the daycare dog personalities and help them have a fun, and safe experience.
When not spending time working on her family farm, Bridget enjoys hiking, cooking, and listening to audio-books. She shares her home with Pippin a border collie mix, Sergei a short-haired cat, and her snail, Sven (how cute is that!).


Client Services/Daycare Pack Leader

Nicci is a native of Portage, but doesn’t mind the long drive to her “dream job”. We love her quirky, fun spirit and genuine love of life. She enjoys the “family feeling” of clients and staff, and the snuggles of all things furry visiting the resort and hospital.
An avid reader, she usually has three books going at the same time, but spends most of her free time outdoors, or traveling. Nicci refers to herself as a “wandering, free spirit, or old soul”, so it’s no wonder that Montana is her favorite destination.
She donates time to the MacKenzie Center and even dresses up as Smoky the Bear! She also is learning about bee keeping and homesteading. You can see and hear her singing to us, and all the dogs, at the desk, or as a Daycare Pack Leader.
She’s a perfect fit for our Shamrock Pet Resort!


Client Services and Animal Caretaker

Bio coming soon!


Client Services

Claire previously worked in our boarding department throughout highschool and has finally returned home to her Shamrock Pet Resort Family, full-time.  She is versatile and likes splitting her time between the hospital and the resort.
In her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors, hiking, swimming, and playing with her two dogs, Cosmo and Wally.  Her furry family also consists of three cats, Luna, Rory, and Honey, and two rabbits, Jellybean and Mr. Peaches.
A fun fact about Claire – growing up, her grandparents ran the Soaring Eagle Rehabilitation Center, so she grew up around all types of animals.  They worked closely with our founder, Dr. Joe Kelley on several raptors over the years. Proof that Claire has grown up at SPSAH!

Haily W

Boarding Attendant

 Bio coming soon!


Boarding Attendant

Savanna has assorted duties, including customer service, boarding, daycare, and our primary Daycare Assessment Specialist.  She enjoys meeting all of our amazing clients and their adorable furry companions.  Each day she gets to know all the different pet personalities and likes finding out what makes each unique.  She has been trained on specific dog behavior in our group daycare and takes pride in the safety of our play pack.

Savanna considers herself lucky to have the “coolest, most supportive parents and the best older sister anyone could ask for”.  Her furry pack consists of Tully a chihuahua, and Whitley a doodle.
She enjoys camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, traveling, and taking her dogs on jeep adventures in her 1977 Jeep CJ7.  She is currently pursuing a career in the diagnostic medical sonography field.


Animal Caretaker, Daycare Lifeguard

Devon is a part-time animal caretaker and fun-loving daycare lifeguard.  She loves meeting all the new puppy and kitten faces, and has a blast running around with the dogs in daycare.  She enjoys seeing how our clients truly love their pets like family.
In her free time, she paints, reads, listens to music, watches the Harry Potter movies, goes camping, and goes to concerts.  She also listens to true crime podcasts.  She likes the odd animals that most people don’t, or are squeamish around.  Her favorite was a bearded dragon that she had for over 13 years.  Her furry family consists of two calico cats, Angie and Bella, and three snakes, Kev, Oliver, and Avery.


Boarding Attendant

Jaiden is a fun, vibrant addition to our Resort family.  She loves having the opportunity to care for so many different pet personalities.  She strives to customize the care of each pet, according to their needs and personality, and maximize the comfort of their stay.
Her fuzzy family includes French Bulldog, Alphonse, and four cats, Willow, Luna Ollie, and Icarus.  Jaiden’s hobbies include art, playing the ukulele, interior decorating, and furniture flipping.


Making the world beautiful, one pet at a time!


We’re very proud to welcome our new groomer, Christine!  She brings over 40 years of certified grooming experience and “tails” to tell.  She loves working with clients to give them a great grooming experience and make each pet beautiful.  She is introducing our clients to Reiki and massage treatments as well as her signature, Blueberry Facial treatment to make each pet smell as good as they look.  Her attention to detail is impeccable. 

Her favorite part of working in the Shamrock Pet Resort, besides the pets, is feeling like she’s part of the team.  “We’re like a big family, which I want to be a part of.” 

Christine also grooms cats.  Give her a call today to discuss what she can do for you. 

When not grooming she enjoys listening to reggae or a variety of country music.  Her favorite movie is the tear-jerker, Titanic.  She’s also an avid traveler, South AmericaHawaii, Grand Canyon, Seattle are her favorite so far.  She loves watching the Packers when they play well.  She’s also an avid Brewer fan.