Pet Resort Staff

We have the greatest job in the world, playing with and caring for your four-legged loved ones!   


Resort Co-Supervisor 

Tasia oversees and coordinates all daycare and boarding staff, including scheduling and ensures we give the best possible care to all the pets that come to our resort.  She loves being able to interact with owners and their pets and feels it’s an honor to be a part of happy memories for our clients.  She can be found in daycare, helping boarding, cleaning and at the front desk.  Every task is done with a positive attitude and strives to make sure pets and owners leave with a smile on their face. 

Although her favorite animal is a hippo, her second love is her Pomeranian, Frankie who enjoys coming to daycare to supervise dogs and staff alike.   

When not at work she enjoys playing and watching rugby, basketball and football.  She’s an avid crafter and likes to do “cosplay” many times creating her own costumes!   

She’s quickly turning into a world traveler, visiting many of our states, Canada, Sweden, Italy, Malta and France.   



Sarah’s love for her job can be seen every day on our Instagram account (ShamrockPetResort).  She is truly our Instagram queen!  She enjoys meeting everyone, human and pet alike and LOVES getting snuggles and kisses, because it makes the world go-round.   

Her favorite hobby and proudest achievement is being a mom, to her adorable and sweet daughter.  She’s inspired everyday by her and by her husband.   

When not at work she likes to take road trips with her family and traveling to the coast to soak up sunshine on the beach.  She also loves going to the zoo.  Her favorite animal is a pig. 

Daycare Staff


Daycare/Boarding Attendant 

Grace can be seen laughing, soaking up the sunshine and playing with the daycare dogs each day, forging long lasting friendships with puppies is the highlight of her day.  She enjoys seeing all the different dog breeds and getting kisses each day.  Grace’s sweet nature and positivity are coupled with a desire to work hard.

Her family dog, Bella a Brittany has grown up in front of our eyes at the clinic.  It seems like only yesterday that Dr. Joe took her puppy picture with her in the pocket of his lab coat!

Grace would like to eventually become a professional dog trainer.  When not playing in daycare, she can be found birding, hiking and crafting.  She loves basketball, reading and traveling.  Her favorite places so far are the Cayman Islands, she dreams of going to the Galapagos Islands, Africa and out west.  Her favorite animal is the elusive snow leopard.   

She’s inspired by her parents, passionate about the environment and loves country music and watching/reading the Hunger Games, Avatar and Harry Potter.   


Animal Caretakers




Making the world beautiful, one pet at a time!


We’re very proud to welcome our new groomer, Christine!  She brings over 40 years of certified grooming experience and “tails” to tell.  She loves working with clients to give them a great grooming experience and make each pet beautiful.  She is introducing our clients to Reiki and massage treatments as well as her signature, Blueberry Facial treatment to make each pet smell as good as they look.  Her attention to detail is impeccable. 

Her favorite part of working in the Shamrock Pet Resort, besides the pets, is feeling like she’s part of the team.  “We’re like a big family, which I want to be a part of.” 

Christine also grooms cats.  Give her a call today to discuss what she can do for you. 

When not grooming she enjoys listening to reggae or a variety of country music.  Her favorite movie is the tear-jerker, Titanic.  She’s also an avid traveler, South AmericaHawaii, Grand Canyon, Seattle are her favorite so far.  She loves watching the Packers when they play well.  She’s also an avid Brewer fan.